Pamfilova announced unprecedented measures to enhance transparency of elections

PYATIGORSK, July 26 /TASS/. The Central election Commission (CEC) of the Russian Federation and lawmakers are making unprecedented changes in the practice of the electoral process to improve the transparency of the elections and the opportunities for public control. This was stated Wednesday at the meeting with the public and representatives of the parties in Pyatigorsk, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova.

“We now make unprecedented changes to the society, the parties had more opportunities for social control. This has never happened. The presidential campaign, to the campaign, which will now take place in the regions (20 regions chosen by the governors, elected legislative Assembly), applying new technologies,” she said.

The CEC head reminded that “these elections will not be parole – the main source of violations, and will also vote without absentee ballots.” “We will publish and announce information about your constituents: who, what precinct departed-arrived. Make the most transparent system,” she said.

Pamfilova noted that for the first time in territorial election commissions for the presidential elections will be provided to surveillance, and working groups will be to trace it. Simplified requirements for the selection of election observers, but observers in more than 96 thousand polling stations in the country now are not enough. “Not enough enthusiasts”, – stated the Chairman of the Central election Commission.

“Everything you need, we all parties will help, will teach, but that is up to the parties – to motivate your supporters to mobilize. We are really interested in this. We need to educated observers confirmed that the elections were fair and legitimate. Or, if they detect any violations, promptly reported to us so that we could capture and punish the perpetrators,” – said Pamfilova.

“The Federation Council approved tougher penalties for fraud, “carousel” group conspiracy, and so on. Now, not only administrative, but also criminal liability is, we have a whole system of measures to do this”, – said the head of the CEC.