The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation requires from Ukrainian authorities to grant immediate consular access Ageev

MOSCOW, July 25. /TASS/. Russia demands that Ukraine immediately provide access for consular officials to the detained citizen of Russia Victor Ageev. This is stated in the published on Tuesday comments by the Russian foreign Ministry.

“Kiev, Ageeva depriving of the right to consular protection, violates the Consular Convention between the Russian Federation and Ukraine in 1993 and the Vienna Convention on consular relations of 1963, the diplomatic office. – Urge the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine to ensure the unconditional implementation of the Ukrainian competent authorities of the provisions of these international instruments, and required to grant immediate access by consular officials to Ageev”.

In Russian depodesta stressed that the attempts of some media to present the situation as if Russian diplomats are not interested in the fate Ageeva, not true. “The Russian foreign Ministry keeps under constant control the situation with Russian citizens who have problems in Ukraine, including the case Ageeva,” said the Agency.

The Ministry added that Russian diplomats in Ukraine are in constant contact with the lawyer Ageeva and do whatever is necessary to protect the rights of the detained Russians.

“Emergency measures”

The Ministry also explained that as soon as it became known about detention Ageeva, the Russian Embassy in Kiev sent a note with the request to allow a meeting with him in the shortest possible time. “Ukraine’s foreign Ministry gave permission, but the management of the SBU in the Luhansk region, which is in accordance with the procedure addressed the Consulate General of Russia in Kharkiv, announced that in connection with the “urgent investigation (investigative) actions such a meeting was possible not earlier 24.07.2017”, he continued in the Ministry.

At the same time, pointed out to the Department, this did not prevent the Ukrainian authorities “to invite the Russian media representatives to promote the beloved of the Kiev authorities is the topic of the alleged “Russian aggression in Ukraine.” “It is clear that its anti-Russian hysteria of the Kiev regime does not think about the humanitarian element of the issue, using as information occasion is available even maternal feelings in order to present themselves in a favorable light,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

As previously reported, the Russian Viktor Ageev was detained by the Ukrainian side. Kiev claims that Ageev is the current contract military servicemen of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. The Russian defense Ministry previously denied this information, saying that Ageev was discharged in may of 2016.