“Daughter” of “Rostec” admitted the alteration Siemens turbines for Crimea

A subsidiary of Rostec’s Technopromexport, purchased gas turbines from Siemens from a joint venture of the German company and Power machines, confirmed the upgrade and supply of the Crimea. This is stated in the message of “Technopromexport”, submitted to RBC.

The company noticed that he had not received proposals from Siemens to repurchase turbines. In connection with the bankruptcy of a subsidiary of Rostec itself in 2016 “officially” offered the German company “redeem turbine installations”. “Was placed the corresponding public competition”, but Siemens refused the offer, the report says.

In this regard, “the turbine was sold to another company”, then “been upgraded” and was “specific characteristics of the project”. The representative of “Technopromexport” explained RBC that we are talking about the construction of power plants in the Crimea. “Used Russian know-how, purchased additional equipment. The company incurred costs of transportation, installation and certification” — described the process of delivery of the turbines in the Crimea “Technopromexport”.

That Russia for the construction of two power plants in Crimea sent to the Peninsula a Siemens gas turbine SGT5-2000E with a total capacity of 940 MW, July 5 Reuters reported, citing sources. This information confirmed RBC three people who participated in the project, and a friend of one of the participants.

The source of RBC noted that the turbine was partially reworked in the factories “Rostec” and upgraded the turbine “is not quite Siemens”. The turbines, according to RBC, changed automatic with the participation of Russian company CJSC “Interavtomatika”, where Siemens has a minority share of 45.7%. “Interavtomatika” already have all the keys to the protocols of gas turbines of the German company, said a acquaintance of the top Manager of “Technopromexport”.

At the same time close to the “Technopromexport” the source argued that the replacement of a minimum number of parts in the turbine it will still be machine Siemens. Member of the project, in turn, explained to RBC that the major “modernization” has not been done.

Earlier Russian technologies said that “Technopromexport” has purchased four sets of gas turbines for power facilities in the Crimea on the secondary market and held them in the modernization of Russian plants and engineering companies.

In 2014, despite the sanctions, for the construction of power stations in Crimea, Russia has decided to buy powerful turbines from Siemens, although officially this was not reported. Formally tekhnopromeksport bought four gas turbines joint venture Siemens and “Power machines” for the power plant in Taman.

On 7 July, the German concern has established a special working group to investigate reports on the supply of turbines in the Crimea. Siemens noticed that repeatedly warned the customer that you comply with all restrictions on export. In the end, Siemens broke the license agreement on installation of equipment for Russian power plants and temporarily stopped deliveries of such equipment in Russia.

In addition, Siemens announced its withdrawal from the number of shareholders of the company “Interavtomatika” and filed a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration court to JSC “Technopromexport”, JSC “Technopromexport” and “Siemens gas turbine technology”, and demanded to pay the cost of equipment (€111.8 million) or accept a deal to supply turbines invalid.