Regardie recognized the DNA of pork and chicken in beef for the fighters

In the canned beef that was intended for employees of internal troops of the Ministry of interior, in addition to the beef, it was discovered chicken meat, pork, and traces of byproducts. This is stated in received by RBC statement of Regardie.

Field rations, as explained in the Department, was placed in Resguardo in 2016. After this “in the November-December” last year “by specialists of veterinary services of Regardie part of the routine monitoring samples were taken and organized laboratory examination of individual diets”. The result of this inspection, according to the press service, “it was found that the food suhaylah did not meet the requirements of GOST”.

“Broken mass fraction of meat products more than twice, in addition to meat beef, meat found chicken, pork and traces of by-products,” — said the representatives of Regardie. In addition, according to them, the “number of products” revealed that “soy, starch, cellulose, gelling agent and other unacceptable for use in food substances”.

“The results of the monitoring were notified to the suppliers, regulatory and other concerned authorities”, — said the Agency, adding that “the rear of Regardie has taken all necessary action to replace the defective products and to prevent its use in food.”

Currently, as explained in a press-service, “all substandard products is responsible for storage food warehouses”. In addition, according to representatives of Regardie, “additional measures with participation of specialists of the departmental veterinary and sanitary supervision for the control of foods entering the supply of Regardie”.

“In order to protect the interests of Regardie organized claim work for the full implementation of contracts and replacement of low-quality back-up power supply”, — said the Agency, noting that “the issues related to providing staff with high-quality and nutritious meals are on the special control of the management of Regardie”.

July 26, RBC found that the Main military Prosecutor’s office found signs of fraud in especially large size if the supply of the defense Ministry-controlled OOO “Baryshsky meat-processing plant” food for the internal troops of the interior Ministry. The scope of the contract, in which the soldiers received a defective soldering, as established by the Supervisory Agency, was equal to 680 million rubles Between the Agency and intermediary company “Oboronprodkomplekt” it was concluded in 2015.

In this regard, first Deputy chief military Prosecutor, Lieutenant-General Andrey Nikolishin invited the chief of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs Alexander Romanov to consider criminal prosecution of persons involved in the provision of these rations.