The court sided with Potanin in a dispute with ex-wife to 850 billion rubles.

Presnensky court of Moscow on July 27, dismissed the claim of Natalya Potanina, who demanded to share the rights for shares of companies “Norilsk Nickel” and “the pole Gold” and wanted to get from Vladimir Potanin monetary compensation for their share of $ 850 billion. “the Court ruled to dismiss the claim because of the lapse of time,” — said “RIA Novosti” lawyer Potanina Pavel Konovalov.

Konovalov reported about intention to appeal against today’s decision of Presnensky court. “Today’s decision, we will appeal in the Moscow city court, because it was an act of lawlessness”, — said the representative of Natalia Potanina.

The lawsuit was filed Potanina at the end of may 2017. In this Potanin demanded to recognize that she and her former spouse had a General power of shares of Cyprus companies Pharanco, Bektanco, Decoso and Lovenco. Natalia Potanin demanded from court to recognise their rights to the shares of “Norilsk Nickel”, “Polyus Gold”. The total amount of the claim of Potanina made 849,2 billion.

The court said Konovalov, RBC, issued two decisions. The first is about the termination of the proceedings on the requirements Potanina about the division of shares of Cyprus companies Pharanco, Bektanco and Decoso and recover half of the amount of dividends on shares of “Norilsk Nickel”. According to Konovalov, in 2015, Potanin asked to Presnensky court has considered these claims, but the court hearing then the case of the division of the shares of Norilsk Nickel, came to the conclusion that the ex-wife of a billionaire trying to change the subject and grounds of the claim. Potanina then it was proposed to file a separate lawsuit on these claims. During today’s consideration, according to Konovalov, the court stated that a new claim identical to the claim which was considered in 2015. On this basis, the proceedings were discontinued. The second court decision concerned the recognition of the rights of Potanina for a stake in Cypriot Lovenco and OJSC “Polyus Gold” and half of dividends on shares of Polyus. This claim was denied because of the lapse of time.

25 may Presnensky court in connection with the expiration of the Statute of limitations and dismissed the other suit Potanina — 215 billion rubles it was necessary to recognize joint property of the former spouses the shares of ZAO “KM invest”. The company was a joint venture of the Vladimir Potanin and Mikhail Prokhorov. She belonged to the assets of Norilsk Nickel, OPIN, “ROSBANK”, “Power machines” and “the Pole Gold”. The complaint in the case of the section “KM of invest”, according to the lawyer Potanina will take place on 29 August.

Vladimir Potanin and Natalia were married in 1983, and in 2013, the businessman filed for divorce. The court found that the marriage actually broke up in 2007. Divorce was formalized in 2014 after that Potanin has received three plots of land and two houses, one of which is located on the ruble. She also received cash compensation in the amount of 380 million rubles (half the cost of an apartment in the center of Moscow).

Vladimir Potanin is one of the richest Russian businessmen. In 2017, he ranked eighth in the list of 200 richest businessmen of Russia according to Forbes with a fortune of $14.3 billion