The Federal air transport Agency, told about 200 retired pilots of Russian airlines

According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, in a survey of all airlines of the Russian Federal air transport Agency found that for the first two years to lay off about 200 pilots. 100 of them went to work in foreign airlines, and the employment data there is no other.

Considering that in total, there are 12 thousand pilots, Federal air transport Agency came to the conclusion that aggravated this year the problem of shortage of flight crews is not so much a mass Exodus of pilots, as the growth of air travel and the acquisition of many new aircraft.

In June, “Kommersant” cited an excellent data on the care of the pilots of the Russian airlines. According to the publication, over the past two and a half years for the Asian carriers have moved more than 300 pilots, and about 400 more were in the process of employment abroad, where they were offered higher pay and more attractive working conditions.

At the end of June the head of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev said that the pilots from the company in excess, but the group left about a hundred pilots, including 20 retired from the “Aeroflot”, and another 120 left the child to him, “Russia.”

“People go to work in Asia. In General, if China will get at that price (and salary there is more than two times more than in Russia in dollar terms), we understand that there will be outflow,” — said Saveliev, noting that the place of retired pilots is the foreign experts.