Putin pardoned the two convicted of treason by SMS

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed decrees about the pardon of two convicts on charges of treason — a resident of Sochi Marina Janjgava and women from the Adler Annick Kesyan. Both pardons (1 and 2) was signed by the President on 28 July and Saturday, July 29, published on the official portal of legal information.

Both documents come into force after ten days from the date of publication.

Janjgava detained in 2012. The inhabitant of Sochi in 1958 was accused that she was texting with a friend from Georgia goche of Chetii, to whom she sent a TEXT message about movement of Russian military equipment. Chetia was a member of the intelligence. In 2014, a court in Rostov-on-don sentenced Janjgava to 12 years in prison for treason.

Kesyan born in 1959 was arrested in 2014. She was accused of that in 2008 she sent a TEXT message about going to Georgia on a train with military equipment. Her daughter Violetta revazova said that in 2008, Kesyan came to Georgia, where Georgian-Russian border, met with a man. According to Revazova, he called and asked whether tanks. “Well, she said, “Yes, go,” said daughter Kesyan.

March 7 this year, Putin pardoned other condemned for treason by SMS, also a resident of Sochi, Oksana Sewaside. She was sentenced to seven years in prison for treason because of the messages that were sent to his friend Timur, Buscarse in 2008, shortly before the fighting in South Ossetia. Buscarse asked if she saw in Sochi, military equipment, and Sebastini told him about the train, heading towards Abkhazia.

In the case of Sebastini the attention of the head of state drew to the end of 2016 during the annual press conference. “Honestly, I just don’t know the details. If she Sewaside] wrote something in her SMS messages, she wrote what I saw, it’s all seen, so it was really no big secrets. I honestly don’t really understand, I’ll try to understand,” — said Putin.