Add value: why Russian amber needs its own brand

SVETLOGORSK /the Kaliningrad region/, July 29. /TASS/. The amber industry in Kaliningrad region is one of the key, however, for its promotion and development need to create their own brand. About why at the present time there is such a need, how to create and promote amber brand told the participants of the International amber forum, which is taking place these days in the city of Svetlogorsk in Kaliningrad region.

According to the participants of the discus, is currently amber for the Kaliningrad region is analogous to oil and gas to mining the raw materials regions of the country: the bulk is sold in the form of raw materials abroad or to the small companies in the country.

“Currently, the phrase “amber – the national brand of Russia” is not appropriate, because while is just a commodity, a brand and a product are two different things,” he said during the roundtable discussion, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of one of the oldest watch manufacturers in Russia “Petrodvorets watch factory” Jacques von Polier.

In his opinion, today in Russia, even the retail trade of amber jewelry with the mineral is mainly in weight. In addition, the forum participants noted that in the amber industry, there is the problem of regulation, as currently there are no clear rules of confirmation of authenticity of the stone.

“In our country or in others you need to build a system that exists in the evaluation of other stones, such as diamonds. Now a clear evaluation system no: how to look like the amber enough or whether the weight of the nugget more than one kilogram, to refer it to precious stones is not clear,” – said General Director of the company for the manufacture of jewelry “Moiseykin Rashn Luxury,” Victor Moiseykin, adding that in the world there are also problems of “recognition” of amber from Russia that also need to be addressed.

In addition, experts say the need to build brand Russian amber to increase the added value of the product in the country.

The need of the brand

In General, the participants came to the conclusion about necessity of creation of the “amber” brand to promote the products in both domestic and international market. “No competition – no brand. No added value – no brand. As soon as you start the amber to compete, then it will be a brand. This should be done by experts” – said the publisher of the magazine on the jewelry industry Marina Kudrin.

However, experts note that the prerequisites for creating a brand of Russian amber is. “From the Kaliningrad amber can be formed a good brand with a high cost, because a mineral has all the main qualities to create it. Amber extraction in the region has a history, that is, that it is impossible to come up with, and it is necessary to actively use it for promotion,” said Jacques von Polier.

The authorities have taken note

Regional authorities, who have great hopes for the development of the amber industry have also been considering the development of a brand and want to move away from the “raw model of development” extraction of the mineral.

In particular, on the discussions held at the forum yesterday, acting Deputy Chairman of the regional government Alexander Shenderyuk-Zhidkov said that now in the region “produce semi-finished”, but the authorities want to reverse this trend.

“The industry now employs many people, but unfortunately until they produce a semi-finished product, which is exported. We have beautiful jewelers, we would like to see these industries have evolved in us,” he said. He added that “last week we (the government – approx. TASS) with our Federal colleagues discussed the question of what should be an exchange of experience between regions”. “In the Baltic Federal University we this year we are launching the faculty promyshlennogo design, because without highly qualified personnel, the industry will not develop”, – said the acting Chairman of the regional government.

Brand development amber are interested the Kaliningrad amber plant, whose Director General has expressed readiness to study the question of the registration of intellectual property for products. In addition, as previously reported, the representative of state Corporation rostec, which includes the plant, also said that in the enterprise development strategy includes the creation of “the amber cluster” around the facility until 2025.

It is planned that the cluster will include jewelry and manufacturing. In the development cluster Corporation plans to invest up to 2 billion rubles.

Amber is a petrified fossil resin of coniferous trees. About 90% of the world reserves is located near the village of Yantarny, Kaliningrad region, which region is often called the amber region. Last year in the region for the first time hosted the international amber forum, which became an annual event.