The center of Russian shipbuilding: in Sevastopol revive shipbuilding

SEVASTOPOL, July 28. /Offset. TASS Andrei Medina/. Sevastopol, according to the strategy of socio-economic development of the city until 2030, to become a Russian center of shipbuilding and ship repair that ensure the needs of the black sea fleet (BSF) and a civilian shipping.

According to industry representatives and local authorities, it is necessary first of all to modernize existing production, to ensure their staff and orders, and to create the city’s shipbuilding cluster, which will unite for the needs of the Navy research and production facilities.

Shipbuilding and ship repair, a traditional industry in Sevastopol, but in the post-Soviet period, power was almost completely lost, while the largest enterprises have declined. After the reunification with Russia in 2014 was given the task of restoring competence in shipbuilding and ship repair for the needs of the civil and of the black sea fleet.

How is this process, problems and prospects of industry development at TASS.

The figures are not impressive

In Soviet times, Sevastopol was considered the all-Union center of shipbuilding and ship repair. Only at the largest enterprise of the branch of the Sevastopol marine plant – employed 16 thousand people, and the plant itself was a city within a city, where in addition to the production was located a private clinic, shop, dining room.

Its Verf is a contemporary Sevastopol. Over the years the plant with its building came many famous ships, like the hero of the Russo-Turkish war of 1828-1829, the brig “mercury”, armored cruiser “Ochakov”, there was completed the Nikolaev battleship “Potemkin” – the ships-the heroes of the first Russian revolution. The heyday of the company was in the 70-80 years of the XX century, when there was built not only ships, but also a powerful floating cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 1.6 thousand tonnes. The plant was a permanent base repair black sea fleet.

Now the shipbuilding and ship repair in Sebastopol have high performance. In particular, as stated earlier, the acting Governor of the city, Dmitry Ovsyannikov, now “the numbers are not impressive”: the sector employs about three thousand people in 120 companies, in the main small, the volume of orders increases, but it is small.

According to the Director of Sevmorzavod (part of United shipbuilding Corporation – OSK – approx. TASS) Igor Drey, shipbuilding in Sevastopol has almost stopped in “zero” years, except for the construction of small vessels, leading to small private firms. Therefore, this industry should be revived from scratch.

“Problems of ship repair, which in Sevastopol, partially preserved, is the dilapidated state of fixed assets of enterprises, their technological backwardness and, as a consequence, low productivity, staff shortages, bureaucracy, external and internal environment, difficulties with the supply of equipment, components and materials,” said dray.

A typical example of industry decline is the history of the SMZ, where the time of occurrence of Sevastopol in structure of Russia of the 16 thousand highly qualified specialists have only 200 employees, and not producers, and the protection and adminpanel. Production activity has not been conducted.

Center of shipbuilding – Sevastopol

Strategy of socio-economic development of Sevastopol until 2030 provides for a multiple increase of indicators of the shipbuilding and ship repair. “The production volume will increase from 1.5 billion rubles in 2015 and 21 billion rubles by 2030. In the employment structure of the economically active population shipbuilding and repair will ensure the creation of up to six thousand jobs. The number of people employed in the industry will increase three times the figure of 2015 and will be 8.9 thousand employees,” the document reads.

According to experts, the achievement of the targets requires solutions, especially the issues of technical re-equipment and modernization of the industry, and the problem of human hunger. As a result, the Sevastopol, will be created a shipbuilding center, and the successful achievement of goals will provide an opportunity to develop not only the shipbuilding and ship repair, but also will lead to the development of other sectors of the economy, industry education and design companies.

The strategic objective of Sevastopol to become Russia’s center of shipbuilding and military-industrial, said TASS, the acting Governor of Sevastopol Ovsyannikov.

“And we have already begun to address this problem, we have the resources. There are companies that spetsializiruyutsya on the execution of orders for the Navy: 13 ship repair, SMZ, 771-th and 91-th factories. The SMZ, for example, the government (of Russia – approx. TASS) has helped to obtain orders for floating cranes, production increases, jobs are created. Three years ago, it employed 150 people, and now more than five hundred, and the total planned number of jobs to increase to two thousand, this is in the plans for a tenfold increase in production volumes”, – he said.

As suggested by the authors of the strategy, the Crimean center of shipbuilding and ship repair plants on the basis of Sevastopol will be able, in particular, to perform high-quality repair and maintenance of the cruiser “Moskva” – the flagship of the black sea fleet, anti-submarine, amphibious, and other ships of the BSF, the ability to attract and execution of orders of the Ministry of defense of Russia and the civilian fleet.

Revival enterprises

Sevmorzavod, which is now the largest company in the industry in Sevastopol, in 2015, entered USC as a branch of the Center of ship repair “Zvezdochka”. By 2020, the USC here conducts a large-scale modernization with a total investment of more than 7 billion rubles. According to the Director of Sevmorzavod, this will allow us to restore lost competencies.

“Not somewhere “over the horizon”, namely in Sevastopol will be built again ships and floating cranes, efficiently renovating, and servicing all existing and promising types of surface ships and submarines of the Navy, including the ships of the 1st rank, all types of vessels of the civil fleet. The staff of our shipyard is expected to grow to several thousand people who will work in two shifts,” says dray.

In the near future at USC will include 13 ship-repair factory of the defense Ministry, which now operates 1.8 thousand people. The company will engage in a military ship repair. The plant also plans to modernize the capacity, management estimates that the company, in its update, you need to invest 5,5-8 billion rubles.

The integration of emerging enterprises in the Crimea and Sevastopol in large Russian holding companies, such as OSK, will help them to obtain the necessary orders for them, noted earlier, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin after a meeting of the military-industrial Commission in Livadia.

According to estimates OSK in the next few years, the portfolio of orders of the SMZ will be about 10 billion rubles. “The challenge now is to do everything for him (SMZ – approx. TASS) trusted, we are ready to help in every way the plant works now is very close to the maximum,” said TASS, the Vice-President on technical development, OSK Dmitry Kolodyazhny.

Shipbuilding cluster

The revival of the shipbuilding and ship repair in Sevastopol authorities and USC are connected not so much with the upgrading of several, even large enterprises, but with the creation of a shipbuilding cluster, which, along with manufacturing to develop industrial education – this will allow you to solve the question of personnel, as well as project companies, which will have the function of designing ships and floating cranes.

“We do not focus only on SMZ, and build a complete chain, therefore, the Sevastopol state University [will evolve] as an educational institution and Center for marine studies (created at University – approx. TASS), design Bureau “Korall” – as part of the design and SMZ – manufacturer of finished products,” – said Vice-President of the USC Kolodyazhny.

As noted by the Director of the Drey Sevmorzavod, Sevastopol graduates of higher and secondary special educational institutions are already pouring into the labor collective. “There are examples when, having gone to serve in the Armed Forces at the call of the young workers returned to the plant, which is very encouraging,” he adds.

According to the acting Governor Ovsyannikova, for the revival of the status of Sevastopol as a major military-industrial center and upgrade and download shipbuilding and ship-repair plants must develop its own scientific capacity and integration of the Sevastopol enterprises in the Russian economy.

“I can cite the example of the Sevastopol design Bureau “Korall”, which developed sea production platforms. It is included in the Federal program of the development of marine technology as a developer of a domestic line of floating cranes. There are other examples, but to stop on reached we do not intend to. Sevastopol now stepped into an era of economic revival, the basis of which should be the shipbuilding and repair industry”, – he said.

Time kids

According to the authorities of Sevastopol, the revival of industrial giants such as SMZ for Federal funds and large corporations, should “pull” and a relatively small private company in the industry that this state is not available. So, according to the acting Governor of the city Ovsyannikov, the formation of the Sevastopol center of ship repair will allow to increase loading of small and medium enterprises sector.

At the same time, representatives of the private companies say about the need to be competitive in the market. “In General, the direction of the strategy is correct. But everyone should understand that the ship repair and shipbuilding is a global business, we compete not only domestically, but also with Turkey, Bulgaria and China, in order to upload to the companies that the city received income, we need to build and repair, at least better than in Turkey,” – said during the discussion of the draft strategy Alexey Malko, commercial Director GK “tekhflot”, according to which now the competitive environment is not in favor of Sevastopol.

He noted that abroad, for example, in Turkey, ship repair is cheaper and done faster and better, and there are no problems with the logistics and sanction the load. Therefore, according to Malkov, yet rely on the domestic market, but at the same time to strive for competitiveness on the world.

Assessing the prospects of development of shipbuilding and ship repair, Sevastopol shipbuilders talking about the overall effect that gives the revival of industries. “Shipbuilding and ship repair is a technology-intensive industry, the development of which gives a multiplicative effect. We are talking not only about supply but also about supply chains, scientific research, related industries and so on,” – said the Director of Sevmorzavod dray.

According to him, today the plant has established partnerships with dozens of related companies and enterprises, including small.