The head of the Duma Committee supported the idea of the Ministry of Finance to increase the limit of payments on OSAGO

MOSCOW, 7 Aug. /TASS/. The Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov supported the proposal of the Finance Ministry to increase the limits of payments on OSAGO. The MP told TASS.

According to the amendments to the law about OSAGO, prepared by the Ministry of Finance in particular is proposed to divide the policies into three types depending on the limit of payment: in addition to the existing limit of 500 thousand rubles for the damage of life and health of each injured and 400 thousand rubles for damage to the property, the office proposes to introduce policies with a limit of 1 million rubles for the damage of life and 1 million rubles for damage to the property and with a limit of 2 million and 2 million, respectively. The sum insured chosen by the policyholder, and the insurer is not entitled to impose his own version of the document available to the TASS.

“As for raising the limits of insurance indemnity, then, in my opinion, it is also absolutely correct, because there is inflation, there is a rise in the cost of repairs and rates change regularly. And the amount of compensation is also a long time did not change. I think car owners should be eligible when it can increase the indemnity limit, but it should be a higher tariff for those who want the increased limit of indemnity for insurance”, – commented on the proposal of the Ministry of Finance Aksakov.

The MP said that over all proposals of the Ministry of Finance on amendments to the law on CTP still need to work and to improve their proposals.

“I admit that the fall of these amendments coming in, and we over them will start working. I suppose even that we in the first reading can take. And then systematically complete the draft for the second reading. Well, in the spring session it is really what will take this law,” – said Aksakov.