The minimum wage in the richest and the poorest EU countries differ 9 times

BRUSSELS, 8 Aug. /TASS/. The minimum wage in the richest EU country is Luxembourg and the poorest – Bulgaria – differ nine times. This was announced on Tuesday by the statistical Agency of the European Union – Eurostat. According to him, in Luxembourg the minimum wage is €1999, while in Bulgaria – €235.

The top five countries with highest minimum wage, in addition to the Luxembourg, entered Ireland (€1563), the Netherlands (€1552), Belgium (€1532) and Germany (€1498). The lowest salaries respectively in Romania (€275), Latvia (€380), Lithuania (€380) and Czech Republic (€407).

Six of the 28 EU member States do not use the term “minimum wage” in their social system. Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Cyprus, Slovakia and Croatia.