Politico: the United States can begin the investigation of China’s intellectual property rights

WASHINGTON, August 12. /TASS/. The United States will begin an investigation against China admitted violations of intellectual property rights, as the President, Donald trump will announce on Monday. On Friday announced the publication Politico, citing sources in the American administration.

According to them, China is also suspected in the transfer of technology. Details of the upcoming announcement of trump is still unknown. To investigate is the U.S. representative for trade negotiations Robert Leitheiser.

According to Politico, the initiation of an investigation does not mean immediate sanctions against China. However, in the future, this may lead to higher duties on importation of goods from China.

Before trump has announced that Monday returns to Washington from new Jersey, where he spends a working vacation. In the capital, he is going to hold “a very big press conference”.

As announced on August 1 the newspaper the New York Times, the administration of Donald trump a number of trade measures against China for its violation of intellectual property rights and limit the activities of American companies on its territory. According to the publication, trump departs from the original course to strengthen cooperation with Beijing because of dissatisfaction with his passivity in an attempt to convince the DPRK to collapse of the program of creation of nuclear weapons and their means of delivery.