“Yandex.Money” launched in test mode, the service for the sale of insurance policies

TASS, August 11. “Yandex.Money” launched in test mode, the service for the sale of insurance policies, reported TASS the representative of “Yandex.Money.”

In test mode, the service “Yandex.Insurance” available to car owners from Moscow, Moscow region, St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, said the representative of the company. Option not advertised on the main page of “Yandex” in the “All services”, but is available for search queries.

The timing of the full-scale launch and distribution opportunities to other regions, the press service of “Yandex.Money” is not clarified.

“We debugged the process with our partners”, – said the representative of the company. The service also warns that because of the test mode may experience occasional problems with registration of policies.

The service offers the policies of the two partners – the company “InTouch” and “liberty insurance”. On the side of “Yandex.Money” is pricing policy and send notices to the customer about the design, said the representative of the company.

The very design of the policy is via the official website of the partner, the service provides the customer with the possibility of redirection to the website of the insurer, in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, follows from the terms of service “Yandex.Insurance.”

“Pay for the insurance from the purse in Yandex.Cash or with any credit card. The insurance company will get payment information and send the policy by email,” – said TASS Director of marketing and direct sales channel “InTouch” Paul Butenko.

Working similarly all insurance aggregators as direct selling of policies by intermediaries is prohibited by law. Another version of the work aggregators – make online requests for paper policy.

Earlier it was reported that “Yandex.Money” is also negotiated with the “Alfa insurance” – in the words of its representative, the company may join the project later. Interested in participating in the project, the company “Renaissance insurance”, her representative did not respond to a request.

The Bank of Russia have repeatedly called for the abolition of restrictions on the sale of electronic policies and for the admission of intermediaries to market insurance. In April, 2017 to the state Duma was introduced the bill.

The purchase of insurance policies via the Internet became available in Russia from 1 July 2015 from 1 January 2017, the sale of e-policies “avtograzhdanki” became mandatory for insurers OSAGO.

According to the Russian Union of insurers on August 1 through the Internet in Russia is made of 13.43% of all insurance policies, with the beginning of the year has sold 3 million e-policies.