China is ready to meet US for tougher trade measures similar actions

BEIJING, August 15. /TASS/. The Chinese authorities are not going to stand idly by if the United States to exert pressure on China to protect American foreign trade, will take any unilateral measures under the pretext of protecting intellectual property. This statement was published on Tuesday, the Ministry of Commerce of China.

The document was circulated in response to the initiation by the United States of investigations of violations of the Chinese party intellectual property rights United States.

“We hope that the American representative [in trade negotiations] will show proper respect [to China] and will adhere to an objective position. In the case that the United States would not take into account the sober fact, disrespect to rules of multilateral trade and will resort to measures that would undermine the bilateral [Sino-American] economic and trade relations, China is not going to watch idly by and will take all possible counter measures of a similar nature,” reads the statement.

The document notes that the Chinese government “is committed to protect the legitimate rights of the Chinese side”.

On Monday, the President of the United States Donald trump signed a Memorandum which directs the United States representative for trade negotiations Robert Leitheiser to decide whether or not to initiate an investigation into alleged violations by China of intellectual property rights of U.S. companies.