Media: the Ministry of transport will leave the winter clothes in the list of things for the free bringing in the aircraft

MOSCOW, August 14. /TASS/. The Ministry of transport intends to leave the winter clothes in the list of things for free bringing liquids on Board aircraft in connection with the diversity of climatic zones in the country. About it writes on Monday, “the Russian newspaper” with reference to Director of Department of state policy in civil aviation Ministry Svetlana Petrov.

“We are taking into account the sensitivity of the moment will leave clothes in the list in order to remove all of the questions now on this topic arise”, – quotes the edition of the representative of the Ministry of transport.

The relevant amendments to the project of Federal aviation rules (FAP) will allow passengers to carry on Board winter clothes at no additional charge.

In late September, comes into force a law allowing airlines to sell non-refundable tickets bezbashennye. Before the passenger, regardless of fare was allowed free to carry into the cabin of the aircraft 10 kg hand baggage or checked in bag weighing up to 10 kg. According to the head of the Ministry of transport, it is expected that the law will allow airlines to reduce the cost of tickets by 20%. Previously, the cost of the baggage was already incorporated in the price of the ticket.

According to current regulations to carry free of charge in the cabin allowed 16 items. The list includes a purse or briefcase, a paper folder, an umbrella, a walking stick, a bouquet of flowers, outerwear, books or magazines, mobile phone, camera, camcorder, laptop, suit holdall, carry-cot, crutches, collapsible wheelchair. The new amendments of the Ministry of transport introduced the obligation for the carrier-refundable rate to carry at least 5 kg hand Luggage per passenger. Also the amendments to the FAP significantly reduces the free list to hold objects, including the list of excluded mobile phones, books and laptops.