Putin: we need to create the conditions for their cargoes through the Russian ports instead of overseas

PIONEER /Kaliningrad region/, August 16. /TASS/. Russian ports have to provide competitive conditions, to take on cargo flows, which now go through the foreign harbour.

This was stated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at meeting on development of transport infrastructure of the North-West of Russia.

“This is not some political decisions, we just have to load your own power to create a tax base, we need jobs to provide – in Russia and not somewhere in other place”, – noted the head of state, commenting on the task of redistribution of cargo flows to Russian ports. “But of course… the conditions here should be no worse than in neighboring countries,” – said Putin.

In particular, according to the head of state we are talking about tariffs, including rail, for the delivery of goods to the port. “And when advantageous to carry [goods] abroad, what they [the owners] say – they will be abroad to carry”, – noted the head of state. He drew attention to the fact that this was discussed “many times”, but “far more could be done in this direction.”

About Belarusian refineries

The President has proposed to oblige the Belarusian oil refineries using Russian infrastructure for transportation of petroleum products. “This needs to be discussed in a wider format. After all, Belarusian oil refineries processed our oil, the other is not there and is unlikely to appear, so it is necessary to zapaccelerate – getting our oil from the relevant issues of usage of our infrastructure,” Putin said.

The head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov has informed Putin about the situation with the Belarusian oil refineries. According to him, they reject the services of Russian Railways in favor of the Baltic infrastructure. “Neftenaliva we gave a fifty percent discount for transportation with Belarusian enterprises, but the Belarusian refineries are still not using any of the Ust-Luga or Saint Petersburg, and go to the Baltic republics. We are in discussion, they say that they have long-term contracts for the subject concluded, but we are trying to start a dialogue with them,” – said Belozerov.

The implementation of transport projects

Putin also pointed to the fact that the transport projects in the North-West of Russia can be implemented with the use of the infrastructure of the mortgage.

“We need to continue to increase the logistics potential of the North-West, to improve competitiveness, to create modern services for passengers and freight handling, use advantageous position the North-Western regions to strengthen trade relations and, of course, to offer convenient tools of interaction with investors that will take into account the specificities of investments in infrastructure, large volumes and long payback periods,” he said.

In his opinion, “including in the implementation of transport projects can be applied to so-called infrastructure mortgage”. “The use of such a tool is a new practice, you need to work out all the organizational, financial questions, carefully calculate the Economics of projects”, – concluded the President, proposing the meeting to elaborate on this issue.