The MS-21 airliner will be equipped with a Russian engine PD-14 in 2019

IRKUTSK, August 17. /TASS/. One of the first flying prototypes of MS-21 aircraft will be remoteserver the PD-14 engine in 2019. On Thursday at meeting on development of civil aviation, told reporters the head of the Corporation “Irkut” Oleg Demchenko.

“In 2019 we have a plane No. 1 or No. 2 (summer samples MS-21) will be installed domestic the PD-14 engine, – Demchenko told. By 2020 we will be ready to start flight tests of this engine”. Thus, according to the head of the Corporation, the new Russian airliner will be able to fly two types of engines – American Pratt & Whitney and the latest Russian PD-14 engine, which is developed by United engine Corporation (UEC).

According to Demchenko, from the point of view of the capacity of the cooperative enterprise is fully ready for it.

For his part, the head of the JDC Alexander Artyukhov reported that tests of new Russian aircraft engine. According to him, development of PD-14 goes according to plan, Russian certificate must be received in the second quarter of 2018. He also noted that for bench testing and flight testing is required to make 11 engines. At the moment, made 10, the eleventh engine will be made in September of this year.

“We believe that the set-up timing of the receipt of the Russian certificate in the second quarter of 2018 will be provided, which presents us with opportunities to supply engines for the start of flight testing and certification of MS-21 aircraft by the end of 2018,” concluded Artyukhov.