Flight model MS-21 will first rise to a height of 11 km in September

ULAN-UDE, August 17. /TASS/. Flight model of the new Russian MS-21 airliner for the first time will rise to a height of 11 km in September this year. About this Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told TASS.

“Getting on a plane, at the end of August, will start to fly again, November is extremely busy month in September, the aircraft needs to climb more than 20 times in the air and rise, in particular, to a height of not less than 11 thousand meters,” – said Rogozin, It is “necessary to ensure that he flew in October of this year in Zhukovsky, where we will all meet,” said Deputy Prime Minister.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister visited the production site in Irkutsk, where work on the first four aircraft MS-21. Rogozin stated that the first flying prototype made its first test flight, is currently in the shop. “He obsesively sensors which will remove the performance indices of all components of the aircraft under conditions of overload, the specified test program,” – said Rogozin, noting that the number of sensors more than 750.

The Deputy Prime Minister added that from October all flight test aircraft will take place in Zhukovsky. “If it happens, if it gets in Zhukovsky in October, the rest of our plans can also be implemented,” he concluded.

Date of the first public flight of the ship will be known in October.

“She [flight date public] will be in October, that’s for sure, I hope it will be so, – said Rogozin. – Date routinely test [determine]”.

He also said that when talking about testing, can be anything, including can be any observations that should be eliminated.

“We now live in a period when we don’t do some things extremely important from the public point of view under some kind of date as before, – said the Deputy Chairman of the government, citing the example of the input of the bridge to 7 November. Why? Therefore, the trial should be held in full, we need to make sure”.

Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that “while all goes without comment”. According to him, the only exception is the software supplied by Western partners. Rogozin assured that this matter remains in control, all necessary changes are made. “So I think October, and already the exact date tell you later”, he concluded.