Unscheduled checks of business in Russia reaches nearly 75%

TASS, August 17. The share of unscheduled inspections among all inspections of the business in Russia increased to 75%. This was reported by the Prosecutor General of Russia, answering a query TASS.

The Supervisory Agency noted that in respect of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs by the controlling bodies in 2016 was held 1,706 million checks, of which 1,276 million – unscheduled. Thus, they accounted for 74.7% of the total number of business inspections. Thus, the share of unscheduled inspections per year increased.

Previously RBC cited the data of the Prosecutor General that in 2015, an unscheduled inspection was 66% (1.32 million out of a total of 1,994 million inspections of business entities). In this case, if the total number of business inspections in Russia continues to decline (in 2016 14.5%, or nearly 300 thousand inspections, reducing the number of unplanned – only 3.4%, or 44 thousand).

3 August in the Amur region at a meeting on investment projects in the far East Vladimir Putin has proposed to radically change the proportions to limit the share of unscheduled inspections of entrepreneurs of 30% of the number of planned inspections, with the exception of situations involving emergency circumstances.

The agreement with the Prosecutor

To date, only 3% unscheduled inspections should be coordinated with the Prosecutor’s office. As have informed in supervising Department, “in 2016, the prosecutors received 44.6 thousand statements of the controlling bodies to conduct an unscheduled on-site inspections”. Of them agreed to 25.9 thousand (58%). In the first half of 2017 of such applications was 16.8 thousand, agreed 9.6 thousand unscheduled inspections (57%).

The police reported that on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation prepared a draft law “On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation implementation of state control (supervision) and municipal control”.

It is planned to expand the list of fields of application of reconciliation procedures with the Prosecutor unscheduled inspections to include insurance, assay, banking supervision, supervision in the national payment system, control over financial markets, control over the security of FEC objects, with the processing of personal data in the field of commercial activities as well as providing grounds for compulsory coordination of such inspections to the traffic police, state fire inspection, migration, construction and land, antitrust, state control in the sphere of Telecom, accreditation, education, treatment drugs, defense order, selfregulating organizations and residents of special economic zones.

The bill has already been sent to the government for approval.

In addition, in June at the meeting of the interdepartmental working group of the state office of public Prosecutor on protection of the rights of entrepreneurs supported the initiative of the Russian business Ombudsman Boris Titov on introducing amendments to the legislation to introduce mandatory reporting of attorney law-enforcement bodies on carrying out of vowels quickly-investigation actions (including seizures of documents) in relation to entrepreneurs.