Expert: the territory of Technopark ZIL need to be used for the development of SMEs

MOSCOW, August 17. /Offset. Julia Ermilova TASS/. The territory of the future Technopark ZIL, which was formerly a legendary automobile them. Likhachev, should only be used for the development of small and medium business, the location of the large-scale production impractical. This opinion in an interview with TASS was expressed by Director General of the capital of Technopolis “Moscow” Igor Ishchenko.

At the end of July 2017 Metropolitan government announced the project on redeveloping part of the industrial zone ZIL, where until 2022 needs to be built Museum ZIL and Technopark. The initial cost of land of 4 hectares was equal to 1,13 billion rubles. In addition, under the terms of the contract the investor must invest in the creation of industrial Park for at least 4 billion rubles of its own funds.

“The place is in the city and in an expensive area, there are strict restrictions due to health concerns, noise and vibration. Big industries economically and technologically unjustified, especially given the nearby residential development. Therefore, the Technopark need to use for the development of small and medium businesses,” – said Ishchenko.

According to him, it can be small and medium-sized enterprises operating not only in the automotive industry, but also in the IT field.

“Of course, “automotive heritage” of the former plant is quite suitable for the accommodation industry. However, the main purpose of Technopark is a place of attraction of people with vocational education, which can create a high-tech business, able to fill the market of the city,” explained the Director.

Saving history

As reported TASS in the Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship, the city authorities want to preserve the history of the legendary plant during subsequent operation of the future Technopark. It is assumed that the Technopark will specialize in electronics, automotive and aviation industries.

“It is important to preserve the history of the legendary factory, so the territory of the Technopark will house the Museum ZIL”, – explained in Department.

The concept of development of territory of Technopark ZIL involves the creation of Museum and exhibition complex, which will house the cars “ZIL” and the introduction of multimedia and interactive technologies in the Museum space, to the materials of the future project of the Technopark at the disposal of TASS.

According to Deputy CEO of the Association of investors of Moscow Elena Solovieva, you need to save the potential that previously had a design Bureau ZIL.

“The Russian President said recently that we still are working on creating cars for the country’s leadership. Possibly on the basis of ZIL should this process be revived,” she said.

Suitable for IT

Managing partner of the consulting company Praedium Alexander Asarco believes that the possibility of placement in Technopark is becoming more and more demanded by the market.

“Anchor tenants at this stage of the project is difficult to predict. The location is attractive enough, square have the potential to high demand. Most likely, the facility will be a mixed infrastructure for the IT-cluster”, – said Osource.

In his opinion, the payback period is not more than 6 years, given tax incentives and a good location.

The status of Technopark

Company “NPP “Itelma” was the only bidder for the purchase of the territory of the industrial zone ZIL for the creation of Technopark, the materials on the investment portal of Moscow. A quote of a company coincides with the initial (maximum – approx. TASS) the contract value of 1.13 billion. Now it is at the discretion of the city.

The Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship, explained TASS that the project can obtain the status of a Technopark only after the completion of the facility. However, it is necessary to meet certain economic indicators. At the facility should be producing, high-tech equipment, there is only one owner of the property complex and so on.

“The status of a Technopark reduces the tax burden on the object on average 17-25%,” – said the representative of the Department.

In Moscow there are 31 industrial Park, each of which has a specialization, from the development of computer technology and ending with nanotechnology. Today in the Metropolitan industrial parks is more than 1.5 thousand residents engaged in research and development in the sphere of high technologies.