The Ministry of transport will develop an intergovernmental agreement on the Eurasian economic Commission on aviation accidents

DER. PATIOS /VLADIMIR oblast/, August 18. / TASS/. The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation in September, will develop a draft intergovernmental agreement concerning the establishment and principles of the new Eurasian Commission for the investigation of air accidents, told reporters transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

The creation of such a body in the framework of the EurAsEC due to the fact that the format of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) does not allow us to make decisions by way of consensus, he said. According to Sokolov, the new structure will be created in the framework of an intergovernmental agreement and will not be subordinated to the Ministry of transport.

“In the framework of this agreement, the draft of which on behalf of the Council of heads of government developed by the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, will determine the principles of functioning and operation of this organization,” – said Sokolov. “We’ll do it fast enough – literally next month,” added the Minister, responding to a question about the timing of the development of the draft document.

The Commission will be open to non-members of EurAsEC

According to Maxim Sokolov, the new structure will be open to States not members of the EurAsEC.

“This agreement will open. Those States that would be willing to join in on our principles, will always be able to do. With regard to those States which at the same time want to stay in the MAC, and the new Eurasian economic Commission of investigation of accidents, can do it too. It will be a right of every country to emerge from today’s shell MAC or stay and work there,” he said.

Sokolov also did not rule out the possibility of the RF output of the MAC after the establishment of the authority of EurAsEC in the accidents.

Answering the question whether the will of Russia from the MAC after creating a new entity, he said, “We can make those decisions and announce them after the formation of the Eurasian Agency.”

According to some media reports, the Ministry of transport at the recent meeting of the Eurasian economic community has proposed to create as a replacement for MAC new structure, which will deal with the investigation of aircraft accidents. The new structure can be organized in the framework of the Eurasian economic community and outside it.

On Thursday, the Ministry of economic development reported that generally support the proposal to establish a Commission on aircraft accident investigation in the framework of the EurAsEC, and the corresponding letter is already directed to the Ministry of transport.