Putin: Russia’s coal reserves will last for 500 years

MOSCOW, August 24. /TASS/. In the development of the coal industry in the current year will be invested 90 billion rubles, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the Banquet hall of the State Kremlin Palace on Thursday the head of state congratulated the workers of the coal industry with the miner’s Day, noting special respect for the hard miner’s work.

“A huge volume and diversity of natural resources that has our country historically has defined its place as the leading mining countries in the world. And one of the great gifts of the Russian land is considered to be coal”, – Putin said, noting that reserves of this fossil in Russia is enough for more than 500 years.

Putin said that in the past year in the development of the sector was invested more than 73 billion rubles. “The plans of this year – already 90 billion of investors’ Funds in the modernization of enterprises, introduction of modern environmental technologies, the creation of conditions for safe, confident of miners, to solve social problems and to attract substantial orders in areas such as engineering, construction, transport,” – said the Russian leader.

The Russian President said that the coal industry provides the development of the Eastern polygon, and the creation of a major port capacity will allow to make a real breakthrough on the world coal market. The success of the industry, as Putin said, affect the strengthening of energy security and sovereignty of Russia. “All of these achievements, the result of an intense, responsible, not to say heroic work of thousands of miners, engineers, technicians, management personnel of companies, the result of government support in regions where there is the main coal mining. And, of course, I want to note a special role, the merits of Aman Tuleyev, for his great personal contribution to the development of the coal industry”, – said Putin. The hall has met these words an applause.

The head of state noted that, according to all forecasts, for many decades coal will remain the three basic sources of energy, Russia possesses enormous reserves of coal, will firmly hold the position of leader. He added that the Russian miners brave and honest, and thanked them for their work and wished good health, prosperity and good luck in the miners.