Rambler&Co has denied media reports of mass layoffs

MOSCOW, August 24. /TASS/. In the group of companies Rambler&Co has denied media reports of a global downsizing, but did not rule out that some layoffs will happen. About TASS said the Director of external communications Rambler&Co Matvey Alekseev.

“Fatal global [reduction] is not” – said the Agency interlocutor.

However, Alekseev noted that the group of companies, focusing on technology, still resorted to layoffs. “We work in the technology group of companies follow certain global trends, working with technology – not with paper, but the Internet, digital and all that goes with it. The automation of processes and technologies affect the work of editorial offices. It’s okay,” he said, noting that the company “younger audience”. “Gradually introduce new technology, of course it affects some people, who were replaced by technology,” – said Alekseev.

He also said that “in fact, over the past two months from “Gazety” [belongs to Rambler&Co] independently took six people, and in their place came four”. “The journalistic part we have not touched, – he said. Planned turnover in the publications there, but it is due to seasonal transfers. We have a successful publication; why kill the goose that lays the Golden eggs?”

Meanwhile, a source in the group said on Thursday TASS that in the near future “may be engaged a new technical platform auto-correction and, alternatively, can reduce the proofreaders, but not much.” “Against the background of the state of 1.7 million people, even 20 people is not a global reduction”, – he stressed.

The letter to the media

Also at the disposal of TASS received an official letter of Matvey Alekseev, where he explained the position of the holding company for the media. “We see changes in the structure of media consumption and are prepared to meet them. Therefore, the tunable our media – he wrote. – Consider, we have also subjected themselves renovation”.

“Partly rely on attracting a young audience and on the redistribution of money among advertisers through the use of new technological solutions, he continued. – These processes we trust the new young leaders, they thus bring to life their ideas”.

In the process of change, he said, be some changes. “Someone can’t adapt, someone uses this as a chance for further growth and leaves at higher positions in other media and projects but with experience in our media,” he said, noting that the traditional strengths Lenta.ru and Gazeta.ru, Rambler.ru, rns.online, their reputation will remain priorities.

“In purely quantitative terms, the number of employees could be reduced, but first and foremost due to the fact that in the modern realities of the changing pattern of production”, – wrote Alekseev.

The group of companies Rambler&Co (former “Afisha-Rambler-SUP”) was formed in 2013 by combining assets “Afisha-Rambler” (previously included into holding “prof-media” Vladimir Potanin) and SUP Media Alexander Mamut. Rambler&Co has about 50 projects, including Rambler.ru Tape.ru, gazety, Cempionatam, Poster, blog platform LiveJournal.com. The total audience of projects is more than 40 million people.