Deflation in Russia for a week for the first time in a decade was 0.2%

MOSCOW, August 30. /TASS/. Weekly inflation in Russia from 22 to 28 August 2017 for the first time in a decade was 0.2%. YTD consumer price growth was 1.9% and since the beginning of August prices fell by 0.4%, according to the materials of Rosstat.

For comparison, in August 2016, the inflation happened at ground level, and from the beginning of 2016 was 3.9%. While in the comparable period last year (from 23 to 29 August 2016) statistical office recorded zero inflation. In annual terms inflation on August 28, decreased to 3.5%.

Over the past week reduction of prices for fruit and vegetables averaged 3%, including potatoes – 7,3%, white cabbage, onions, carrots and tomatoes – a 4.7-to 6.8%. However, cucumbers have risen in price by 0.4%.

Sugar became cheaper by 1.5%, lamb meat, frozen fish, eggs, buckwheat – on 0,2-0,7%. At the same time prices for butter and sterilized milk increased by 0.2%.

Prices of gasoline and diesel fuel has not changed.