“Kommersant”: the KLA will unite with the civil division

MOSCOW, August 30. /TASS/. United aircraft Corporation (UAC) plans to merge with the civil division into a single legal entity that will become the center of the Corporation and will manage civil projects. The first step of the implementation of major reforms in the aviation industry will be discussed at the meeting of the Board of Directors of KLA, which will be held on 1 September, said Wednesday the newspaper “Kommersant”.

“In its current form, the Corporation did not have sufficient funds for the development of the “disparate actors”. The Association of the KLA with the “Irkut” and Sukhoi [“Civil planes Dry”] will be the first step for the transition of the Corporation on a single share in the industry expect that the savings from this transformation will be about 50 billion rubles,” – told the newspaper source close to the KLA.

The report also notes that the joint structure will combine the functions of the corporate center as “a single operational holding”, and the function of managing civil projects of the KLA, including the MS-21 and SSJ 100. It is expected that the reorganization will have an impact on a number of projects carried out by the KLA. So, Irkut by 2022 could reduce the number of military programs, focusing on the manufacture of aircraft MS-21 and Sukhoi will focus on marketing, sales and after-sales service civil engineering.

In addition, in the military division by 2019 will be held to consolidate the corporations Sukhoi and MiG, and formed a United KB. The transport is scheduled the transfer of the company “Il” two sites in Ulyanovsk and Voronezh, in strategic and special – asset consolidation on the basis of “Tupolev”.

According to the newspaper, as part of the reorganization will take place and a number of personnel changes. So, the President of UAC, Yuri Slusar for the transition period will also lead Irkut, succeeding longstanding Director of the Corporation Oleg Demchenko. It is assumed that the head of the GSS will become CEO of the leasing company “Ilyushin Finans Ko” Alexander Rubtsov, succeeding in this Vladislav Masalova.

PJSC “United aircraft Corporation” (UAC) – the Russian holding company, established in 2006 and uniting 30 major companies in the aircraft industry complex of the Russian Federation and more than 10 aircraft repair plants. Owns the rights to the brand civil and military aircraft “su”, “MiG”, “Il”, “Tu”, “Yak”, “Beriev”.