Izvestia: Central Bank will require banks to strengthen security for Internet applications

TASS, 1 Sep. The Bank of Russia intends to oblige banks to provide regular maintenance of Internet applications for vulnerabilities to hackers. On Friday the newspaper “Izvestia”, which was an updated uniform standard, the Central Bank’s cyber security.

“After the establishment of the normative acts of the Bank of Russia’s reference to the mandatory use of Bank standard, its implementation will be monitored by the Central Bank in inspections and oversight activities. The Central Bank expects that the introduction of the standard to a sufficient degree to significantly reduce cyberrisks financial organizations, primarily the risks associated with unauthorized transfers of funds”, – explained the press service of the Central Bank.

It is noted that the document contains more than ten protections, who will have to comply with banks. In particular, we are talking about encryption, remote deletion of data, checking customers when you sign in to online or mobile banking, re-verification with long-term lack of activity, the possibility of determining the location of the smartphone or computer of the client.

According to the newspaper, the requirements of the new standard will come into force no earlier than 2019.