FESCO group was taken to the Kuril Islands Matua equipment for the construction of an airfield

VLADIVOSTOK, September 4. /Offset. TASS Natalia Nikulina/. Russian transportation company FESCO delivered to the Kuril Islands Matua equipment and plates for the construction of the airport; infrastructure for runway ready, told TASS Director of the Department of the Navy, “far Eastern shipping company” (FESCO, FESCO) Vladimir Shabrov.

Matua island, the middle group of greater Kuril ridge Islands, the length is about 11 km, the width is 6.4 km away. during the war there was located the naval base of Japan in 1945 the island was ceded to the Soviet Union. The island has been preserved fortifications, mines, caverns, two year-round runway with a heated thermal springs.

“This year we are honored to take back the goods, the equipment for construction of airfield: airfield plates, which will form the basis of the runway, and the equipment for manufacture of works on construction of the airport. The first flight we completed in July, we happily delivered the whole load. It was a little, metal plate, stacked in interconnected bundles, which was a few thousand. It was the main cargo, its only about 1.5 thousand tons,” – said Chebrov.

The cargo was delivered to the ship “FESCO Pioner” on unequipped shore, the losses avoided. “There are very big tides, you can work only according to the tides, and due to the fact that the beach sand after each high tide and low tide is changing his line, the approaches vary. From a technological point of view, there is enough hard work, and an experienced captain and experienced crew,” said the source.