Vedomosti: Russia may spend 210 billion rubles for the modernization of the air navigation system

MOSCOW, September 5. /TASS/. The consulting company Strategy Partners Group (SPG) at the request of the state Corporation for air traffic management (ATM) has developed a strategy for the development of air navigation by 2030, newspaper reports “Vedomosti”.

To implement the strategy will need 210 billion rubles in prices of 2017. Funds will be used to purchase equipment and software, the introduction of modern aeronautical technologies. The figure will be updated.

The Corporation implements its development programmes through its own income, said her representative on the question of “Vedomosti” about the sources of funds.

One of the main problems for aviators – the inability in some cases to fly for the optimal trajectory. Because of this ineffective approach of the Russian airlines annually lose about 15-20 billion rubles., says the strategy. In the case of its implementation in 2030 carriers with the growth of passenger traffic to 151,9 million people will be able to save 46 billion rubles a year, and the Corporation is to reduce the cost of maintenance and staff was 24 billion rubles per year.