To bring pensions to the subsistence minimum will be allocated 100 billion rubles

GORKI (Moscow region), September 7. /TASS/. About 100 billion roubles will be allocated from the budget to bring pensions to the minimum wage and payment of social payments, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Chairman of the Board of the Pension Fund of Russia Anton Drozdov.

“For the 3.9 million people in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation we bring the pension up to the subsistence minimum in the subject and paid Federal social surcharge. Its size is somewhat reduced, and this suggests that the level of welfare of pensioners is increasing. This year the budget for these purposes will be sent to 99.7 billion in 69 constituent entities of the Russian Federation,” – said Drozdov the meeting with Medvedev.

He said that pensions in the Russian Federation in 2017 will increase by 4.5%. “This year, it is assumed that pensions will increase by 4.5%. With a planned inflation of 3.7% it will increase in real terms,” – said Drozdov.

The head of the FIU noted that in the first eight months of the current year the Pension Fund all executed in a planned manner. He stressed that in accordance with the decision taken in July this year the law from January 1, those who left work, the pension will be indexed two months earlier – that is, from the month following after leaving work.

Drozdov said that more than 8 million people received maternity capital. “More than 57% of them fully took advantage”, he said.

As noted by Drozdov, a little less than 92% spend maternity capital for housing. The Prime Minister asked does anyone from applying this payment to retire. Drozdov said that such is less than 1%, but 8% choose an educational direction. “So we see that program going pretty well,” – said Drozdov.

He informed that the translation services of the FIU in electronic form to facilitate interaction with citizens. “We will continue to work to ensure that there were many points of interaction with the Pension Fund, in order to minimize the number of visits to the Pension Fund,” – said Drozdov.

Medvedev stressed the need for the development of electronic services. “It is important to develop electronic services, the services that people used the personal account, used, course, and possibilities of the MFC. But at the same time, there are traditional forms that many of our citizens are accustomed. Naturally, the Pension Fund must fully provide and the needs of the citizens”, – said the Prime Minister.