The Ministry of health has proposed to introduce fines for inflating prices for essential medicines

MOSCOW, September 8. /TASS/. The Russian health Ministry proposes to introduce administrative liability of legal persons for provision of false information when registering maximum sale prices for medicines from the list of vital and essential medicinal products, which leads to an increase in their value. The corresponding bill published on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

The document envisages amendments to the Code of administrative offences.

Under the bill, the rule would apply in cases where the holder or the owner of the registration certificate provides false information during the state registration or re-registration of maximum ex-works manufacturers ‘ prices for drugs from the list, which entails an overestimation of the maximum sales price of the manufacturer of the drug.

Under the bill, such action is proposed to be punished with an administrative fine “of twice the size of unduly received revenue from the sale of drugs due to the illegal overstatement of maximum ex-works prices of manufacturers of medicines for the entire period during which he committed the offense, but not more than one year.”

The lists of vital and essential medicines approved by the government for the purpose of state regulation of prices for medicines. For all drugs that fall in this list, the manufacturer is obliged to register the prices in the corresponding registry. In the future, the manufacturer does not have the right to release the drug at a price exceeding the fixed.