Brawl will hit the pocket: will effectively tightening penalties for aviakerosene

Fine for brawlers on Board the aircraft can be increased ten times. Amendments to the legislation prepared by the Ministry of justice. Now for “failure to comply with lawful orders of the aircraft commander” the penalty amounts to 2-5 thousand.

This category of offences includes, for example, Smoking on Board, trying to open emergency door during flight, and the refusal to fasten seat belts during takeoff and landing, explained TASS Executive Director of the Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleev. Sanctions for such offences may increase to 20-40 thousand rubles, follows from the bill of the Ministry of justice. An alternative is to serve an administrative arrest for a period from five to fifteen days.

In addition, the Ministry of justice proposes to introduce a separate penalty for disorderly conduct in transport — a fine of 30-50 thousand rubles or administrative arrest for a term of ten to fifteen days.

This category of offences applies aggressive behavior of passengers, in which he pushes someone on Board, insulting, rude, tearing the clothing, and can strike, said Oleg Panteleev. “The torn button will not be assigned to real time, he says. — These sanctions will apply when the passenger’s conduct affects the safety of the flight”.

The crew — not the police

According to the Prosecutor General, in 2013, it was revealed 7.2 thousand offences in air transport, and in 2016 — more than 8 thousand

“Money is a serious argument, he said. — That camera hanged on the roads, and people had ceased to drive, got ten “letters of happiness” with fines and calmed down. And suddenly it turned out that the Russian, like German, does not love fast driving”. And Park in the wrong places motorists stopped, he added.

Direct relationship between size of penalty and the frequency of illegal actions on Board, said in an interview with TASS Director of the Institute of air and space law “Eurohelp” Oleg Aksamentov. Offenders do not think about the consequences when the bully on Board. “But maybe a certain percentage of the conscious of the population growth of penalties and the fear of being prosecuted will be affected”, he said.

Oleg Panteleev says that the effect of increasing the punishment will be, but not immediately. “Should be a sufficient number of incidents that will be inevitable and severe punishment,” he said. Then at the head of each passenger stored that incorrect behavior on Board, violation of rules will lead to strict punishment.

He recalled that on 13 September for the first time in Russia aviakerosene was prosecuted. The next six months the offender will spend in a colony-settlement. “So there are tools which you can use to punish those responsible for severe violations”, — said Panteleev.

While in Russia, fines for hooligans on Board too low — a few thousand rubles, while abroad thousands of dollars, said Panteleyev.

Between a prison and a stun gun

Indeed, measures that apply to aviakerosin in developed countries, where tougher Russian. So, in the United States bullies on Board faces a fine of up to $10 thousand, and for the attack on members of the crew can go to jail.

In France the fine can be up to $170 thousand In the UK crew can’t roll the passenger inadequate. A flight attendant may only request the person to calm down, and then announce the call to the police. On the ground the bully will have to pay a penalty — 2 thousand pounds.

In South Korea the rowdy threatens not only the penalty and corporal punishment. In case of inadequate behavior of the passenger, his attempts to damage the plane, the stewards have the right to use stun guns.