Sberbank in 2018 is implementing more than 150 projects on the basis of artificial intelligence

MOSCOW, September 16. /TASS/. Sberbank plans before the end of next year to implement 159 projects using artificial intelligence technology. This was stated by the head of Sberbank German Gref on the set of the quiz “the Digital economy. Generation Z”.

“Today there is no sphere of activities within the company, in which we try to use artificial intelligence. Speaking in numerical terms, by the end of next year we plan to implement 159 projects in various areas of our work,” he said.

Introduction artificial intelligence is radically changing the internal business landscape of the company: business model, customer convenience, cost, profitability, said the head of Sberbank. “The time has come when the company if it does not use artificial intelligence in their activities, she loses,” – said Gref.

Earlier, the head of Sberbank noted that after 5 years about 80% of operations can be performed using artificial intelligence and without the participation of the people.

By artificial intelligence refers to complex software systems that are not only able to act in accordance man program, but samebecause and effectively, and can also take actions that were not included by the programmer.

In this area around the world there are thousands of companies. For example, intelligent decision support for protection of the land borders of the Russian Federation in the Urals, the far East and the South of Russia developed by the United instrument-making Corporation. Systems help to collect data on land, sea and air environment, able to solve operational, performance tasks, and can also be useful if you need to plan the actions and work of the border services. The system integrated elements of artificial intelligence, providing analysis and forecasting of the situation and scenarios of action and routes that may move violators.