The Moscow region by October 1, publish a roadmap for long-term construction

ODINTSOVO /Moscow region/, September 21. /TASS/. The Moscow region will publish a roadmap for dolgostroys residential complexes by 1 October 2017. This was stated by the Chairman of the Committee on construction, architecture, housing and communal services and energy of the Moscow region Duma Igor Cohanim during the first visiting session of the working group of the regional Duma on problems of the affected holders.

“They are now analyzed these maps. The idea is that until the end of September [2017] must be published – not only at your facility, and for all – on the website,” said he, answering the questions of the troubled co-investors LCD “emerald valley”.

The roadmap for the completion of frozen residential complexes of Moscow region has already been granted in the state Duma and the Ministry of construction, assured Lover. However, the publication of the consolidated action plan for the restoration of the rights of the deceived participants of share building will happen after the inter-Agency coordination, said the head of the Committee.

“Publish once complete workflow of the negotiations, not to enter anyone astray,” said Cohanim. Publication will take place on the website of the Moscow region Duma, continued the MP. “This will create a page, which will be covered by this work”, he concluded.

The regions of the Russian Federation, where there are troubled objects of shared construction (71 subject), until 1 August 2017 was to provide the Ministry of construction of the road map for the implementation of measures to solve the problems of citizens included in the register of the deceived investors. By that time, plans provided only 52 regions of Russia, said earlier the Minister of construction and housing Mikhail Men. Moscow oblast provided the term road map to the Federal Ministry, however, the public publication of the document has not yet taken place.

Consolidated list of unfinished construction in Moscow region consists of 24 residential complex, affected interest holders are officially more than 5 thousand people.