Shvabe has launched a system for contactless cleaning of the mirrors of the telescopes

TASS, September 21. System for contactless cleaning of the mirrors of the telescopes and spacecraft ground-based and space-based running on the Lytkarino optical glass factory, development to fully automate the processing of large optics and to clean the surfaces of optical instruments with a diameter of over a meter. This was reported in the holding “Schwabe”.

“The Russian manufacturer of optical glass and large optics of the holding “Schwabe” Lytkarino optical glass factory (LZOS) – has launched a contactless cleaning system surface mirrors for ground-based and space-based telescopes and spacecraft remote sensing of the earth”, – is spoken in the message.

This system enables to prepare optical elements for the application of thin-layer coatings. The system final cleaning does not damage the surface of the instrument and does not introduce new contaminants.

“Unlike older technologies development allows you to perform a better cleaning of the optics and increase the coefficient of adhesion coating to the surface of optical parts. In practice, it showed the greatest efficiency in processing elements with a diameter more than one meter,” – said General Director of Lytkarino optical glass factory Alexander Ignatov.

Until the end of 2017, the company plans to establish such centers and machining equipment for machining and foundry.

In Russia, the factory occupies a leading position in the field of manufacturing optical glass, glass-ceramic, large astronomical mirrors and lenses space. The share of the manufacturer in optical materials in the domestic market is 98% and 7% in the world.