The owners of the Bank will transfer the balance of the Bank group unencumbered assets

Moscow. September 21. INTERFAX.RU – the Owners of Binbank Mikhail Shishkhanov, Mikhail Gutseriev promote the transfer of free assets in several industries, told journalists the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Vasily Pozdyshev.

“Both of the controlling entity in the first place Mikail Shishkhanov, Mikhail Gutseriev to attend meetings of the Central Bank”, – said V. Pozdyshev, adding that they are actively involved in the design of free and unencumbered assets by banks of the group of the Bank, the decision on reorganization which was announced on Thursday.

“Now under the Bank acquired mainly industrial assets”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia, without specifying on what exactly the assets it is.

“The process of renewal. All of this acting company (. . .) Those assets that are now tied in various forms to the Bank group “Bin”, are related to the real estate sector, hydrocarbons, agricultural and food sector, the sector of nanotechnology,” – he explained.

Central Bank on Thursday announced a reorganization of the Bank and the growth of the Bank through the Fund’s consolidation of the banking sector. The perimeter of this process will also include the other two Bank group – Moscow “Bank digital” and Yekaterinburg Uralprivatbank.

The main owners of these credit institutions are Mikail Shishkhanov and Mikhail Gutseriev. The assets of the family Gutseriev-shishkhanova (industrial, financial, banking, commercial real estate, construction, development, retail trade) are concentrated in the industrial and financial group “Safmar”. The industrial assets of the group, in particular, includes the oil company “RussNeft” , Neftisa, “Forte invest” and “Russian coal”, “Slavely” and enterprises in the field of refining and petrochemistry.

“The owners are now negotiating, they began to be conducted after the written statement (on reorganization of the Bank group – approx. If). Our condition was that all available assets that are not encumbered, pledged at other banks (we are currently studying the perimeter of these assets), the basic arrangement is such that all these assets should return to the Bank,” said Pozdyshev.

He added that the perimeter of these assets will be determined by the outcome of the interim administration. “Industrial assets were financed not only by that Bank (Binbank – approx. If), they were financed by other banks too, in some way, maybe even more. The entire perimeter of these assets and liabilities we have yet to find out,” – said the Chairman of the Central Bank.

“While this declarative statement of owners, but in the case of this banking group, we expect that this business, which value their reputation, and, at least, the words that were spoken at the meetings, they will be matched with deeds. Until this is confirmed”, – said Vladimir Pozdyshev.

CBR as a whole sees the need to conduct a legislative work to ensure the effective return and recovery of assets of Bank owners and other organizations that sanitize and improve their health at the public expense. “That is, I’m talking about this Institute of civil law as vicarious liability. We are now in the power of the legislative basis of vicarious liability is largely tied to the bankruptcy legislation, even those latest changes, which came into force in the summer. Very well written, the Institute of vicarious liability”, – said the Chairman of the Bank of Russia.