The Russian stock market opened higher, MICEX 0.1% and a decrease in RTS 0.6%

Moscow. September 21. INTERFAX.RU – the Russian stock Market opened on Thursday bipolar dynamics of ruble prices blue chips due to the weakening of the ruble against the background of growth of the dollar on Forex after a meeting of the US Federal reserve, indexes MICEX and RTS per minute bidding has changed by 0.1-0.6 percent.

By 10:01 GMT MICEX index amounted to 2058,96 points (+0.1%), RTS index dipped to 1115,81 points (-0,6%); ruble prices of most of the major “chips” on “Moscow stock exchange” has changed in the range of 1%.

The dollar rose to 58,29 ruble (+0.17 per ruble).

The leaders of growth are ruble-denominated shares of LUKOIL (+0,4%), “Mobile TeleSystems” (+0,4%), NOVATEK (+0,5%), Sistema (+0,2%), Tatneft (+0.8%) and rebounded the paper of the Bank “FC Opening” (+5,5%).

The Bank of Russia announced on Thursday on reorganization of the Bank and the growth of the Bank through the Fund’s consolidation of the banking sector. Statement of the Central Bank was expected on Wednesday, when it became known that on reorganization asked the principal owner of Binbank Mikhail Shishkhanov.

The controller uses the same scheme as the first rehabilitation under the new scheme (Bank “FC Opening”) – the Central Bank becomes the main investor, the moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors is entered, the mechanism of bail-in is not applicable.

Sank shares of Gazprom (-0.2 percent), Norilsk Nickel (-0.1%) and “RUSAL” (-0,4%), Sberbank (-0,3%), RusHydro (-0.2 percent).

Published in the United States on Wednesday little changed against the backdrop of the outcome of the fed meeting, which took the expected decision to keep interest rate on Federal loan funds (federal funds rate) in the range of 1-1. 25% per annum and stated that in October, plans to start reducing assets on the balance sheet, which after the stimulus programs amounted to $4.5 trillion. The regulator has let know that counts on one more rate hike this year and three next. The decision of the us Central Bank supported the dollar.

In Asia on Thursday the dynamics of the indexes combined, grew up in Japan (+0.2 percent) after a meeting of the Central Bank of the country, which also did not change the basic parameters of monetary policy (the yield on 10-year government bonds have been left on the level near zero, the interest rate on deposits of commercial banks at the Central Bank – at the level of minus 0.1%).

The Japanese Central Bank also left unchanged the amount of asset purchase program – at the level of about 80 trillion yen ($715 billion) a year. The Bank of Japan confirmed the assessment of the situation in the economy, noting that GDP “is growing at a moderate pace”.

Oil Thursday morning, moderately sags after a sharp rise the day before, caused by the increased tension in relations between the US and Iran, as well as expectations of new signals from OPEC. The level of Brent prices to the levels at closing of the stock market on Wednesday.

The price of November futures for Brent crude by 10:01 Moscow time on Thursday was $of 56.09 per barrel (-0.4% and +2.1% in Wednesday), the November price of WTI – $50,55 per barrel (-0,3% and +1.6% in the medium).

On the morning of Thursday the Russian stock market will continue consolidation, the date does not exclude the resumption of growth of oil. The evening will be published data on applications for unemployment benefits in the U.S. and the index of business activity FRB of Philadelphia that can have a significant impact on investor sentiment and determine the dynamics of the shares in the last trading hours.

Oil production in the U.S. fully recovered to the level before the hurricane “Harvey”. In the reporting week increased by 257 thousand b/d (to 9.51 million b/d). On Friday there will be a meeting of OPEC countries and other producers on issues of agreement to limit production. Earlier the oil Minister of Iraq said that the organization has discussed the possibility of not only extending the agreement, but also its expansion.

The Russian stock market on Thursday morning may increase on the background of oil above $56 per barrel. However, the metallurgy sector can pull the indexes down. Under the most intense pressure will be the paper manufacturers of precious metals. The ruble also there is a reason for a slight weakening as the gap between real interest rates in rubles and the dollar is declining.