Burger King was asked to prohibit the showing of the movie “It” in Russia

Moscow. September 22. INTERFAX.RU – the Russian division of the fast food chains Burger King has addressed in Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) with the request to prohibit in Russia the screening of the film “It” by Stephen king because of the similarity one of the main characters – Pennywise clown – symbol of McDonald’s, said Friday the newspaper “Vedomosti”, which was acquainted with the text of the complaint.

In it, according to the newspaper, Burger King claims that the clown Pennywise because of the colors and the balloons, with which he lures children, too much like the clown Ronald McDonald, which is associated with the McDonald’s system. Thus, Burger King believes that the movie “It” is a commercial for McDonald’s and asks to recognize its unfair, banning the screening of the film in Russia.

The movie “It” by Stephen king with bill Skargard as a clown Pennywise was released in Russian cinemas on 7 September. Thus, the date when it became aware of the complaint Burger King, the picture should be based on a broad two-week rental, giving way to new films.

Earlier, the network of Burger King in Russia attracted the attention of the public because of ambiguous advertising slogans and marketing. Thus, the company has replaced the Americano “rusiano” with the filing of Dmitry Medvedev, invited the authorities of Ukraine of 1 billion rubles for the admission visited the Crimea by the Russian singer Yulia Samoilova to participate in “Eurovision”, was going to sue the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov for brand mentions in the poem.