In Sweden filed a case against former managers of Telia in the framework of the “Uzbek case”

Moscow. September 22. INTERFAX.RU – Scandinavian telecommunications holding Company Telia announced the prosecution of a number of former managers of the company, initiated by the Swedish authorities under the anti-corruption investigation of the company’s activities in Uzbekistan.

As stated in the press release Telia, the new case will not affect the final amount of the fine, which was agreed by the company with regulators, the U.S., Holland and Sweden to settle the “Uzbek case”.

On the eve of the SEC announced that Telia has to pay a fine of $965 million of this amount, $457 million, the company will pay the decision of the SEC, the remaining $508 million in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Department of justice. Payment of the total $965 million will be made in respect of SEC, U.S. Department of justice and the Prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands.

In its reporting Telia announced that reserved for possible payments under the “Uzbek case” $1 billion.

Telia (at that time TeliaSonera) entered the Uzbek market in 2007 by acquiring 100% stake in Coscom (operates under the brand name Ucell). According to the SEC, at this stage, the company paid a bribe to local authorities of at least $330 million, the Money was transferred through a fictitious company controlled by the family member of the former President of Uzbekistan, for allegedly rendered consulting and lobbying services, is specified in the message SEC.

Earlier, referring to the American Ministry of justice, it was reported that TeliaSonera paid bribes in favor of Takilant in 2007, after the Uzbek market through the purchase of the operator Coscom. In particular, corruption payments was during the buyback 26% stake in Coscom Takilant, the final cost exceeded the original by more than 4 times. In addition, TeliaSonera paid Takilant in obtaining 3G and LTE frequencies and number resource.

The scandal of Uzbekistan was forced in 2013 to sell in the resignation of President Telia Lars Nyberg.

At the end of 2015, Telia announced its intention to withdraw from the region “Eurasia”, which includes Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Uzbekistan.