Medvedev stressed the pragmatism of US desire to bury the “Nord stream 2”

Moscow. September 21. INTERFAX.RU – the Position of the European Commission for the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream 2” is not pragmatic and is unacceptable for Russia, and the US all want to bury the project, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday at a press conference following the meeting with the colleague from Finland.

“As for the European Commission’s position, but this position is only formulated, but it probably is not as pragmatic as the position of Finland, and it is to really offer to Russia to sign a separate agreement on the “Nord stream 2″. In our view, is unacceptable from the point of view of equal treatment of all investors as the similar projects implemented without agreements on the basis of bilateral agreements. But the negotiations about this course is still ongoing,” he said.

“But the most pragmatic is the position of the United States who want to bury this project with all kind of legal solutions, tools, sanctions, exerting a clear impact on the EU”, – added the Prime Minister.

“Where is the pragmatism that is at the highest level, just because the American administration, and of Congress of course that such decisions are made, trying to get their suppliers and to replace the Russian market”, – said Medvedev.