Half of Russians thought the best way to invest money buy property

Moscow. September 25. INTERFAX.RU – Money savings is now at 36% of Russians, the most reliable way of investing money for 46% of a property purchase, according to VTSIOM.

To keep funds in banks prefer 29%, in two years, the credibility of financial institutions have grown substantially (in 2015, these answers were given 21%) indicate the results of a nationwide telephone survey conducted on August 29-30 among 1,200 respondents.

Cash in rubles choose 17% in foreign currency – 10%. 14% rather would invest funds in gold and jewels, 7% would buy stocks, and 5% would apply the funds in the pension Fund. 13% found it difficult to answer.

That in their families, no savings, reported by 63% of Russians. According to sociologists, saving the majority of Russians (64%) believed the amount of 398 thousand 617 roubles (average), marked in the Center.

Most money possible to defer those who have Bank accounts (74%), Muscovites and Petersburgers (45%), while residents of the villages and people who have no Bank deposits, save fails much less frequently (29% and 22%, respectively).

According to the survey, the vast majority of Russians know what the monthly income will make them happy (89% were able to name a specific amount), only 3% said that happiness is not in money. The average value from these sums amounted to 105 thousand 426 roubles.

Respondents aged 35-44 years are more money, they would be satisfied with a monthly income equal to 206 923 thousand rubles. Respondents aged 18-24 years is necessary for happiness 67 thousand 870 rubles a month, and people 60 years and older – 72 490 thousand rubles. Muscovites and St. Petersburg residents would be satisfied with a monthly income of 141 549 thousand rubles. The most modest dreams of the residents of the villages (61 223 thousand rubles).

In the case of job loss or other source of income 32% of respondents able to live on their current savings, that proportion increased from 2015, almost twice (18%). 29% can do without work for over six months, about a quarter of Russians (22%) last 2-3 months. Only 2% of respondents said that they will be able to live without earning just 2-3 weeks.