The airport “Domodedovo” refused to serve “VIM Avia” in debt

Moscow. September 25. INTERFAX.RU Airport “Domodedovo” refused to continue to serve in the duty of the airline “VIM-Avia”, the fuel for the flight will be provided only to Monday inclusive, reported in the Sunday newspaper “Vedomosti”, referring to its sources.

“The flights on Friday – Saturday was continued only after the letter of guarantee to the “Domodedovo” about the cost of fuel gave Tatneft. (…) But fuel is only available through Monday, inclusive, adds the source, “Vedomosti”. Then airlines will need external sources of financing as well as own funds for the current activities lacks”, – stated in the material of the newspaper.

According to sources, “VIM Avia” has appealed to the authorities to provide state guarantees on loans.

“Carrier last week has asked authorities for help, said a representative of the supervising transportation Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich Aliya Samigulina. We are talking about state guarantees for loans. Dvorkovich, according to her, forwarded the letter to the transport Ministry with a proposal to “study”. The representative of the Ministry of transport information on the letter does not comment”, – writes the edition.

The airline “VIM-Avia” on September 23, canceled or delayed indefinitely, more than 10 flights, said on Saturday, Russia’s Investigative Committee. On this fact conducted preliminary examination.