Twitter is going to double the length of the message

Moscow. September 27. INTERFAX.RU – microblogging Service Twitter can increase the length of the messages doubled from 140 to 280 characters, currently this option is being tested by a small group of users, said in a statement. In the future Twitter will decide whether to deploy a new format at the global level.

The US President Donald trump, actively leading personal microblog Twitter and is one of the most popular users of the service have not yet received access to the new message format. Twitter said that the test user group was determined by a random sample.

Testing will take place in all languages except Japanese, Chinese and Korean, as due to the peculiarities of writing in these languages can fit more content into a smaller number of characters. According to the company, users who write in these languages, are turning to Twitter more often because they do not have to drive thoughts in a rigid framework concise format.

“How to fit all the thoughts into one tweet? We’ve all endured these sufferings,” he wrote in the company blog, product Manager for Twitter Eliza Rosen.

Most recently the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey said that Twitter will continue to focus on short user messages. However, he later said that the limitation of 140 characters is arbitrary – initially the founder of Twitter wanted to message was even shorter than SMS, the limit for which was 160 characters. John.Dorsey was one of the first to write tweets longer length.

User reviews of the new Twitter initiative was controversial: some believed a strict limitation of the main “highlight” of the service, someone excited to be able to write longer messages.

Among the crucial words to the Twitter sounded statements about the need to intensively deal with other challenges, including the incitement to hatred and misrepresentation of the publication of political advertising. The number of Twitter users is around 328 million people.