“VKontakte” groups have paid 1 billion rubles for the publication of the advertisement

Moscow. September 26. INTERFAX.RU Social network “Vkontakte” (included in Mail.ru Group) paid last year 1 billion rubles administrators of public servers, which place advertising through an advertising exchange, the social network, reported company representatives.

As noted in the company, the funds are paid out of the total advertising revenue of the social network. What they are share, the company did not disclose.

Currently in the social network operates an advertising exchange in which advertisers can buy ads in groups using the social network “Vkontakte”. The figures do not take into account the income of communities who work directly with the advertisers.

To attract new audiences and creating original content “Vkontakte” expands monetization mechanisms. On Tuesday, the company is launching the full commercial operation of the advertising network, which will be available as individual users and communities and groups. As noted in the company, this network will allow to fully automate the placement of advertising on the social network. The income between the social network and users will share “on the basis of complex mathematical models”, but the Creator of the contact will know how many hits how much money he can save.

In addition, the company’s representatives announced that the social network will allow communities to utilize native advertising, previously this was not possible.

Representatives socuety refused to give a forecast for the evolution proceeds, considering the innovations. “VKontakte” does not disclose the advertising revenue. According to reports Mail.ru the income from social media advertising are growing faster than the revenues of the social network as a whole.