Lavrov: Russia will not tolerate attempts to blame Moscow for everything that is happening in the United States

MOSCOW, September 29. /TASS/. Russia will not accept attempts to accuse Moscow of all the negative phenomena occurring in the United States. This was stated Friday by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at the meeting with the delegation of American experts headed by the President of “the Center for the national interest,” Dmitry Simes.

“Attempts to introduce this [political] debate to accuse Russia in all that is negative happens to US, we, of course, is not acceptable, he stressed. – I think any sane person understands their absurdity”.

According to Lavrov, the international community is interested in establishing cooperation with Russia and the United States.

Lavrov stressed that Moscow does not dramatize the situation in bilateral relations. “We realize that this step should be completed. Convinced that the wisdom and pragmatism of the American people in the end will prevail,” added the Minister.

“We have a lot of problems that need to be addressed collectively in the interest of not only our country but the entire international community,” said Lavrov, citing the example of cooperation of Russia and the USA in Syria. “This is an example of how to set aside differences, focusing on common goals”, – said the head of the Russian depodesta.

Lavrov believes that an honest and open cooperation is essential to solving other problems, including the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism in the middle East and beyond. “I am sure that the whole world expects this and would have sighed with relief if such cooperation (between Moscow and Washington – approx. TASS) was adjusted,” – said the Minister.

Lavrov believes that the American President Donald trump is interested in building relations between the two countries.

Symes at the meeting with the Russian Minister drew attention to the fact that the American people chose trump the President in his obvious positive attitude towards Russia. “This, I think, confirms your idea that our relationship is at a low point, but far from hopeless, – he addressed to the Russian Minister. – I think, if the two sides will set up a constructive way, will begin to occur interesting things”.

“That’s why I said, glad that in addition to the American leader, there are other people who are interested in improving our relations”, – said Lavrov. He also stressed that “the thoughtful opinion of an independent expert community is very healthy.”