Alexander USS intends to participate in elections of the head of Krasnoyarsk region

KRASNOYARSK, September 30. /TASS/. The acting Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region 62-year-old Alexander USS intends to participate in presidential elections in the region, which will be held in the fall of 2018. “On elections of the Governor, I certainly will. I hope I’m here to stay, but the President will decide the country and the team,” said USS reporters on Saturday.

He stressed that his new role will not only work for his campaign. “I intend to work on the campaign, who do I need to prove my edge and so know, and the result,” said USS, adding that in the coming year, much remains to be done.

USS said that he did not expect the appointment to the post of acting Governor. “Until recently, I never thought, and any ideas I had. A year ago, was unanimously elected President of the legislative Assembly,” noted USS. According to him, to refuse an offer to become acting head of the regions would be “not manly”. At the same time, he stressed that “the work is familiar, understandable and predictable, without any worries”.

USS said that Saturday will hold a meeting with first Deputy Governor Sergei Ponomarenko, where you will discuss, including, and personnel perspective.

On Sunday, he intends to meet with the head of the regional government Viktor Tomenko and several regional and city leaders. In the Executive power will be “a shift”.

Also acting head of the region also raised the issue of the current mayor of Krasnoyarsk Edkham Akbulatov to which it is good. “But a sufficiently critical attitude to many cases that occur in the city. We need to understand”, said Russ, adding that the municipal authority independent of the Executive.

This fall must pass the competition for the appointment of the mayor of Krasnoyarsk.

About the problems

Among the upcoming challenges that need to be addressed, USS is called the problem of harvesting. “This year, three weeks was long rains, in several areas the snow fell. Talked with the Minister of agriculture of region Leonid Shorohova about how we minimize the consequences,” he said.

Also the new head of the region noted that “the budget of the region for the next year is almost ready, but it will need to make adjustments” and get “maximum” from the Federal budget.

USS said that the team should be the authors of “the ambitious ideas of the Federal plan.” According to him, it is necessary to ensure that the region “gained a new height and got rid of the roll of provincialism”. The goal of the OSS called the “strategic task”.