Foreign Minister jokingly suggested the CIA to help with the selection of Russian-speaking staff

MOSCOW, 2 Oct. /TASS/. The Russian foreign Ministry jokingly thanked the CIA for the support of the Russian language after announcement of search the Russian-speaking staff and offered to help in finding necessary specialists. A corresponding entry is posted on the official website of the Russian depodesta on Twitter.

In addition, it published a screenshot of the page, the CIA Twitter account: “you Speak Russian? Have US citizenship and studied in College? Interested in national security? Your skills are needed here.”

Next on the CIA follows the link to the website where you placed jobs that require knowledge of Russian language. They include professionals working with open and sealed sources in the Russian language and teacher of Russian. Among other languages that interest us intelligence, meet Chinese, Korean, Farsi (Persian) and Pashto (language of the largest nationality of Afghanistan).

“Thank you CIA for the support and promotion of the Russian language – responded to this interest in the foreign Ministry. – Why did you hide this for so many years? Ready to help with recommendations and experts”.