Lavrov: Russia and the United States there is hope for the conclusion of cooperation from artificial deadlock

MOSCOW, October 4. /TASS/. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow and Washington still hope for the conclusion of the relationship of the artificial stalemate and the normalization of their mutual consideration of the interests of each other. This opinion he expressed in an interview with the newspaper Asharq al-Awsat.

“The hope of the withdrawal of cooperation from an artificial current impasse there, but the future relations depends not only on us but also on the American side,” – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. That Russian-us relations dropped to the current low level, not the fault of Russia, Lavrov recalled. “This is a direct consequence of the policy of the administration of (former U.S. President) Barack Obama, which destroyed the Foundation of cooperation, and before leaving laid his mines under long-term actions to make life difficult for their successors,” he said.

The Minister confirmed that Russia is open to that with the new U.S. administration “to seek ways to improve relations based on the principles of mutual respect and consideration of each other’s interests”. “Unfortunately, bilateral relations remain hostage to a showdown in the American establishment”, he said.

Moscow hopes that “common sense in Washington after all will prevail and the turns of confrontation will stop,” said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, assuring that Russia is not exactly to her wants. “We realize that Russia and the United States as the largest nuclear powers bear a special responsibility for the General situation in the world, for the maintenance of global stability and security, he said. Positive remarks can be noted that in September our countries resumed the strategic dialogue, frozen since the beginning of 2014”.

Lavrov is convinced that the potential for Russian-American interaction in international Affairs is great, but remains largely unrealized. “It has long been proposed colleagues to establish a real coordination in counter-terrorism, in the fight against other dangerous challenges – the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, drug trafficking and cybercrime. Not to mention the problem of settlement of regional crises in the world, unfortunately, does not become less,” – noted he.

In addition, Russia and the United States there are opportunities to implement mutually beneficial cooperation in the trade and investment sector, the Minister said. He called revealing the fact that American business “values” in the Russian market, “wants to develop mutually beneficial projects with Russian partners.” “The delegation of business community from the USA, which included representatives from 140 companies, became the most numerous at SPIEF in June. The rate of profit of American business in Russia is higher than in many markets, and the conditions for work very comfortable,” he recalled.