Putin: Russia never plays a double game with other countries, this is its advantage

MOSCOW, October 4. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that Russia never plays a double game with other countries. Therefore, in the opinion of the head of state, the foreign partners prefer to cooperate with Russia.

“I’ll tell you – you can believe, can not believe it, but you can ask our partners, our advantage is that we never, who does not lead a double game. We’re always honest with our partners, we openly stated its position,” Putin said at the International forum on energy efficiency and energy development “the Russian energy week”.

“If something does not agree, we directly say that our position is, we mean your position and respect it, but we will act so and so,” – said the Russian leader.

In his opinion, “in this regard, we have a huge advantage, because we are predictable in contrast to many other countries.” “That is, instead of our military potential, and attracts our partners to develop relations with the Russian Federation”, – said Putin.

“Needless to say, military capabilities, and economic opportunities play a very important, sometimes a decisive role. But not only our growing opportunities in the field of defense and security, not only the potential of our defense industry – and we traditionally sell a large number of weapons to the Middle East because many countries in the region, we have traditionally and historically very good and deep connection, but we also develop economic cooperation,” – said the President of the Russian Federation.

Relations with the countries of the Middle East

He stated that Russia “for the last time with the countries of the middle East region, despite the economic challenges we faced two or three years ago, the trade turnover is growing.” According to the head of state, in 2016, the trading turnover increased by 12.5% in the first half of 2017 by the same amount. “And trade is sufficiently diversified. This is the same country [the middle East], which themselves produce energy, so a significant volume of our trade relations belongs to machinery, equipment, high-tech products,” – said Putin.

“Now, when, because of short-sighted policy of some countries, when we were forced to respond to imposed sanctions against us, the market of agricultural products for many countries in the Middle East region freed, they gladly took advantage of this and develop cooperation with us in the field of agriculture”, – said the President.

“We are confident about the future of Russian-Saudi relations, and relations with other countries in the region”, – said the head of state. Among the partners of Russia, he named Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Syria, Iran. “They [relations] are balanced, and this will help in building relations in the future,” Putin believes.

He called “completely natural thing” the fact that different countries conduct their own independent policy. “When we build relationships with one or another country, know about it, understand it, take into account this circumstance, but this does not prevent us to develop relations with these countries,” – said the Russian leader. According to him, in Soviet times, opportunities for cooperation were limited “due to various ideological stereotypes of the Soviet ideological backwardness”. “Now it is not, now we are open for cooperation, and our partners see it,” – says Putin.