Russian defense Ministry: US base in al-Tape groups used by ISIS for attacks against Syria

MOSCOW, October 6. /TASS/. US military base in Et Tape covered the “human shield” of Syrian refugees, has become a “black hole” on the Syrian-Jordanian border where make forays mobile groups of fighters of the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov.

“The Pentagon has repeatedly stated that there are undercover tactical aviation and MLRS instructors are USA, UK and Norway engaged in the training of militants of the “New Syrian army”. In fact, Al-TANF has turned into a 100-kilometer “black hole” on the Syrian-Jordanian border. And instead of the “New Syrian army” like the devil from the snuffbox from there, commit sabotage and terrorist attacks against Syrian forces and civilians mobile group ISIL (formerly ISIS – approx. TASS),” – said in a statement.

According to Konashenkov, the illegal deployment of this military base of the USA in April 2017 at the Syrian-Jordanian border was publicly justified by “necessity of operations against ISIL”.

Thus for six months of the existence of this database about any operations of the Americans against ISIS was not known.

Defense Ministry spokesman also said that in the area of “security” near the base is the largest refugee camp, Ryban. There are more than 60 thousand women and children from Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor.

“Refugees Rukmana today are in fact hostage, but rather a “human shield” of the American base. Let me remind you that such “protective” barriers except the Americans are in Syria, only those with whom they came there to fight terrorists,” – said the official representative of the defense Ministry.

The Russian defense Ministry reported that of the 50-kilometer zone around At TANF on the Syrian-Jordanian border, where the “the military mission of the United States,” have repeatedly committed attacks against the Syrian army.

The night of 28 September, about 300 militants from the area of the settlement, Rukman on dozens of SUVs moved to the city of al-Qaryatayn in HOMS province. In areas of the village and the village of al-Basiri a large group of terrorists successfully bypassed all the hidden positions of Syrian troops. In their arms was totally accurate coordinates, which can be obtained only thanks to aerial reconnaissance. This group tried to seize the commanding heights around the village of al-Qaryatayn.

On the same day, the militants conducted a series of coordinated attacks on other positions of Syrian troops situated along the Palmyra – Deir ez-Zor, which is strategically important. It is the supply of the troops of Syria in the Euphrates valley and delivered humanitarian assistance.

The Syrian army had to make great efforts to neutralize the cell group IG on this track and release captured militants settlements, said the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.