“Unpopular measures” Governor Gorodetsky

Vladimir Gorodetsky, who in July was 69 years, was appointed Governor of the Novosibirsk region in March 2014 following the resignation of Vasily Yurchenko in connection with loss of trust of the President. Before to lead the region, Gorodetsky ten months he held the position of Deputy Governor, responsible for establishing the Metropolitan area. And before that, 14 years (2000-2014) was the mayor of Novosibirsk.

Care Yurchenko was seen as a result of the struggle of the political elites of the region. Much has been said about almost direct opposition Yurchenko, and Victor Tolokonsky, at the time of the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the Siberian Federal district. Gorodetsky always attributed to “team Tolokonsky”: they worked together at the city hall of Novosibirsk.

The split of the elites and change of power

The split in the political environment of Novosibirsk has shown the mayoral campaign of 2014, which was attended by a record number of candidates 17. Some of them withdrew from the elections in favor of a single candidate from the opposition, and the victory is not supported by “United Russia”, the acting mayor and former Deputy Gorodetsky Vladimir Connoisseurs, and the head of the regional Communist party regional Committee Anatoly Elbow.

Elbow led to the mayor of his supporters created before the elections, the United opposition. Lost the election Znatkova Gorodetsky was invited to the position of Vice-Governor.

To the government from the mayor’s office moved a few colleagues Gorodetsky. For example, the Ministry of construction and housing, the new Governor is divided into two, one of them is the Ministry of construction — headed by the former head of the Department of architecture and building of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk Sergei Boyarsky. The Ministry of housing the first time was for the former Minister Denis Vershinin, but half a year later came under the management of Eugene Kim, the former Deputy Gorodetsky at city hall.

In the gubernatorial elections in September 2014 Gorodetsky scored slightly less than 65% of the vote, his closest opponents — the Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Savelyev (LDPR) and Deputy of the regional legislative Assembly Anatoly Kubanov (“Fair Russia”) was 18.8% and 13.5%, respectively.

Reindustrialization and construction

During the governorship Gorodetsky gross regional product of the Novosibirsk region for the first time exceeded 1 trillion rubles (in 2016). In 2015 were beaten by a building record in the region put 2.6 million square meters of housing. And subsequently in construction and other sectors of the economy resulted in a decrease in performance, but its pace does not stand out against the nationwide economic downturn. In certain areas of production the region has even grown.

In February 2016, the Novosibirsk region adopted a program of re-industrialization of the economy of the region through 2025. It includes upgrading the existing industry, the formation on the basis of developments of the SB RAS and University science high-tech industries, creation of engineering centers and production of innovative materials.

In early September, the Ministry of health of the Novosibirsk region announced a tender to choose investor for construction in the regional center of the seven new clinics. This is another major project supported by Gorodetsky. Worth 6.1 billion rubles, of which RUR 4.66 billion — funds of the concessionaire, the rest — means of capital grant.

Unpopular measures

About a year ago Gorodetskiy faced with the fact that several supported projects were condemned by the public. On the streets people began to leave, demanding the Governor’s resignation. The most serious protest Gorodetsky approved the decision on increase of tariffs for housing and communal services in the region by 15% instead of 4%. It was due to the high depreciation of utilities. Between the region, Novosibirsk and the two main providers “AO “Sibeko” and “Gorvodokanal” an agreement was signed that is received from a rate increase of 860 million rubles will be spent on specific projects related to the modernization of equipment.

In response to the outrage in the community, the authorities decided to partially compensate the increase of the rate of preferential categories of citizens, completely offsetting increase rate of more than 4% set by the Federal center. The rest of the inhabitants of the region had offered to return 50% of this difference on the application. To compensate the beneficiaries in the regional budget 180 million rubles, the amount of other payments were not counted.

This measure has not changed the attitude of the residents to increase utility tariffs. In the city center were six protests. The most numerous of them have collected more than 2.5 thousand people. Opponents of the government used the protests to their advantage.

Check of validity of increase of tariffs was conducted by the Prosecutor’s office of Novosibirsk region, involving specialists of the regional Department of the FAS. Violations found, but to disclose them did not have time. In April Gorodetsky spoke to reporters with the message about the cancellation of unpopular decisions. From 1 July 2017, tariffs for services of housing and communal services in Novosibirsk region increased by established by the Federal centre 4%.

Junk concession

A lot of debate, including deputies of legislative Assembly of region, has caused two major concession project, supported by Gorodetsky: the construction of two waste sorting plants and pay the fourth road bridge across the Ob river.

The main question caused the points of concession agreements, suggesting that the region compensates investors for lost profits if the project does not reach its target indicators (plants will receive less garbage, and bridge traffic).

Bridge construction in Novosibirsk region will receive a Federal grant in the amount of about 26 billion rubles (about 75% of the cost of the bridge). The total cost of construction works is estimated at 35 billion rubles. The winner of the concession tender in August became the Siberian concession company, which is owned by a subsidiary of Gazprombank and Moscow production company vis.

The same group of vis in the middle of September it bought up the “junk concession” — has acquired 75% of the previously defined contest of the concessionaire company “Ecology-Novosibirsk”. The new concessionaire acknowledged that the project needs restructuring and declared readiness for dialogue with the public and authorities.

Earlier against the construction of the plant ecologists, economists and even aviators: JSC “United aircraft Corporation” (UAC) is not agreed “Ecology-Novosibirsk” the construction of a landfill within the 15-kilometer zone from the airport of Novosibirsk (Eltsovka), referring to the threat of accumulation of birds. In August Gorodetsky announced the suspension of the implementation of the project, inviting opponents to dialogue.


On Friday was published the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the resignation of the head of the Novosibirsk region Vladimir Gorodetsky, temporarily acting Governor appointed Andrew herbalists. Prior to this appointment he was the mayor of Vologda.